We solve the problem of fibrosis in soft-tissue repair.

Clinical problem

Tens of millions people live today with one or more surgical implant. Every time a patient receives a surgical implant, the body recognizes the artificial material as foreign and classifies it as dangerous. In response to this, the implant is finally covered by a thick layer of fibrotic tissue, which hardens and contracts over time in the attempt of isolating, killing and expelling the foreign body.


Fibrosis is leading cause of

  • Patient's Pain
  • Implant Failure
  • Impaired Quality of Life

There is currently no solution to implants' fibrosis except for Revision Surgery (the removal of the old implant and implantation of a new one). This procedure levitates the Healthcare Costs.

The Anti-Fibrotic Surgical Pouch

The cellulose film that fully prevents fibrosis.

The Underlying Science


We developed a technology to produce cellulose films that fully prevent fibrosis.
These films are easy-to-handle by the surgeons and ergonomically fit the target implant. The surgeons can mount them on the implants prior to surgery, without affecting the rest of the procedure.


The uniqueness of our patented technology consists in micro-engineering cellulose in a novel biotech process with a rationally designed surface architecture. This ultimately endows the cellulose layer with anti-fibrotic properties. Similar to Braille reading, when getting in touch with the cellulose interface, the hosting tissue is instructed to avoid fibrosis and to shut down the foreign body reaction.


Platform Technology

A platform technology that applies to all sorts of soft tissue repair which may be impaired by foreign body reaction and fibrosis. The potential applications include:

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    Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery
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    • Ventriculo Peritoneal Shunts
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    • VentricularAssist Devices
    • Pacemakers etc.
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    • Hernia Meshes
    • Tendon Repair
  • Platform technology for soft-tissue repair
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    Wound Healing
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    Implantable Sensors
    • Monitoring
    • Implantable Pumps (diabetes and chronic pain management)
    • Bionic Limbs
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    • Intraocular Lenses
    • Glaucoma Drainage Devices
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    • Laparoscopic Bands
    • Surgical Barriers

Plastic Surgery


Today's top-class state-of-the-art implants need revision in more than 10-20% reconstructive (post-cancer mastectomy) AND aesthetic patients, respectively. There is an additional 25% chance that revised patients will experience multiple revisions. We estimate that healthcare costs in relation with these unnecessary revision surgeries exceed 1 billion USD/year in US alone.


Thanks to HYLOCARE TM there will be no revision surgery due to fibrosis. Patients will experience no pain, and healthcare systems will not bear the related costs.

For Clinicians

Are you interested? Do you want to know about the status of our development and regulatory approval process? Do you wish to use our technology in your daily work?

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Who are we?

HYLOMORPH AG is an innovative spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) specialized in biomaterials and their interfacing with human tissues.

  • Spinoff-ETH-Zurich

We originated in and are currently based at the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering of ETH Zurich. We collaborate with the University Hospital Zurich and the Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin for our clinical development.

Sonneggstrasse3, ML J 27.1
8092, Zurich Switzerland

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  • Oct 2016: Our clinical advisor presents preliminary results at the annual congress of the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery  Read more»
  • Sep 2016: We finalise our first round of pre-clinical investigation!! Usability testing was successful and great results are about to be published...  
  • Aug 2016: HYLOMORPH pitches at BioInterfaces 2016  Read more»
  • Jul 2016: HYLOMORPH is incubated at the Wyss Translational Center Zurich  Read more»
  • Feb 2016: HYLOMORPH AG is awarded with the Venturekick-Stage III  Read more»
  • May 2015: HYLOMORPH AG is awarded with the Venturekick-Stage II   Read more»
  • Mar 2015: HYLOMORPH AG is awarded the VentureLeaders 2015 and will participate in the "Swiss National Startup Team" traveling to Boston, New York and Philadelphia in June.   Read more»
  • Jan 2015: HYLOMORPH AG is awarded with the Venturekick-Stage I.  Read more»
  • Nov 2014: HYLOMORPH AG is incorporated with headquarters in Zurich 
  • Mar 2014: HYLOMORPH nominated Top 5 patents in the Spark Award 2014.  Read more»
  • May 2013: the HYLOMORPH project is awarded with the Pioneer Fellowship 


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  • 19.12.2014
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    Bottan S, Robotti F, Jayathissa P, Hegglin A, Bahamonde N, Heredia-Guerrero JA, Bayer IS, Scarpellini A, Merker H, Lindenblatt N, Poulikakos D, Ferrari A: Surface-Structured Bacterial Cellulose with Guided Assembly-Based Biolithography (GAB). ACS Nano, online publication, 19 December 2014, doi:10.1021/nn5036125


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